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Stone Wall Paneling Ideas

Stone wall paneling is easy to install, flexible and paintable so you can customize it any way you want. It’s also water, mold, mildew and bacteria resistant, so it’s suited to wet spaces like the bathroom or kitchen. Here are a few options for using stone-look paneling in your home:

  • Create a stone accent wall around a fireplace. You’ll get that traditional hearth look in a more modern style.
  • Go for a whole stone wall in the bedroom. There are textures available to complement virtually all furnishings and accessories. You can also use this whole wall look in your guest room, home office or powder room.
  • Add a refined accent wall to your living room. Use a contrasting stone style if your room has access to an outdoor space that also features stone.
  • Bring neutral color and amazing depth to a modern bathroom with full wall stone paneling.
  • Blend stone paneling with other existing materials for contrast. You can also use wood paneling and stone paneling together to create a mid-century, vintage-inspired or more rustic modern look around your fireplace or in your living room.
  • More than a coat of paint, wall paneling can bring unrivaled style to your living room, bedroom, bathroom and any other space in your home. Most materials, like FRP paneling, are simple to install, easy to clean and extremely durable. Wall paneling comes in so many different colors, textures and styles that you can easily find in various looks that fit your design scheme.

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