Alternate speeds but make sure you’re not going too fast or too slow. Make sure the spinning is regular; you can feel and see it, that makes the vibrations more attractive. Hook – Most spinnerbaits use a single hook, this increases the chances of setting it easy and also makes it less likely to be caught up in weeds or other obstacles. If the wire arm containing the blades is longer, then a trailer hook will be necessary. Now that you’ve known a bit about spinnerbaits let’s go ahead and attach it to your line. With the end part, twist and wrap around your line with towards the rod about five to seven times. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. If you found the post beneficial please feel free to share it with others so the we can all get fanatical about fishing. Blade Selection Make sure to wet the line you use for the tie. It’s not always going to work in the first few tries, I tell you, what we can do is master how to cast and retrieve your spinnerbait! Fish a Colorado spinnerbait if you’ll be in murky or dark water. Nothing too complicated here, just what you’ll see in a typical spinnerbait sold in the shops. Practice makes perfect! The Where. Whether the water is muddy or clear or hot or cold, a spinnerbait will produce bass throughout any of the four seasons. Put your stories down in the comments below! However, it’s best to choose your spinnerbaits by the water clarity … Here’s a great video by Scott Martin in his YouTube channel about his use of spinnerbaits: After the rig and tie, you’re now ready to cast that baby out and start catching fish! But to use a spinnerbait, you'll need to be able to tie it to the end of your line with a Whenever this happens, it causes the lure to abruptly stop. Available in 3/8- and 1/2-ounce size options, the Googan Squad Spinnerbait gives you the versatility to fish this blade bait in shallow, mid-depth and deep water. He's found through years of trial and error that a No. Mostly because a spinnerbait is far from the most natural looking baits. Which then causes the sequence of the spin of the blades and the vibration to change, and the skirt to flare erratically. With a slight whipping motion, like pretending to whip paint out a brush, shoot the line towards your target. 3 Hollow Body Frog Modifications to Catch More Bass, Step by Step Frog Repairs: Replacing Torn Legs, How To Fish With Plastic Worms: The Ultimate Guide, How to Fish a Lipless Crankbait: The Yo-Yo Technique, When to Fish a Spinnerbait, Chatterbait or Swim Jig, How to Fish a Spinnerbait – Bass Fishing Tips, Bass Fishing Techniques: What is a Spinnerbait, How to Use a Spinnerbait: The Different Styles, How to Rig a Spinnerbait: Getting the Most From It, Bass Fishing in High Water, Part 1: Rising Water, Bass Fishing in High Water, Part 2: Stabilized Flooding, Bass Fishing in High Water, Part 3: Falling Water, 10 Best Lures For Shallow Post Spawn Bass Fishing, 10 Best Lures for Post Spawn Bass Offshore, Here is an article on how to rig spinnerbaits which includes trailer baits and hooks, Here is a link for the best specific spinnerbaits within each type of category, For more articles on spinnerbaits click here. Afterwards return to standard reeling speed. Take a 1/2oz head with a No.4 nickel or gold blade and cast it along side a tree then let it drop vertically beside the trunk to the bottom. This is enough to catch a few. The basic concept of how to fish a spinnerbait is rather simple, just cast it out and retrieve it back. Tie a simple overhand knot with the bight, pull to tighten but make sure the loop of the bight is large enough to pass through the hook. The best way to fish a spinnerbait in clear water is at a high speed. Anytime there is no cover around, or between objects varying the retrieve speed can elicit a reaction strike. Try those four or five times during the day. Rig a baitcasting outfit with 17-pound-test line, tie on a 3/4-ounce spinnerbait and cast around the thickest cover. You can mix up slow or fast retrieves. Hold the rod and line you are about to cast firmly and aim for a spot. They allow you to fish a spinnerbait at a maximum Here is an article on how to rig spinnerbaits which includes trailer baits and hooks. Aim for places that are under shade or are cooler, darker areas like under trees or under bridges or rocks. To trailer hook or trailer bait, that is the question! Head – Attached to the wide arm and is made to look like the head of any small aquatic fish. Usually the instant the lure returns to speed, the bass hits it. please feel free to contact us. While this very basic approach can catch fish. It is important that once this happens, to keep reeling so that the fish do not get too good of a look at it. A lure is a tool used to attract fish (like the spinnerbait), while bait is a substance (like worms or small fish) used to entice a fish to bite. Kevin VanDam has built his pro bass fishing career on effectively using spinnerbaits. so there we have it guys. The Trilene knot also works and is also formidable considering it’s an alternative to the Palomar and it works excellent on monofilament lines! Major League Fishing Pro Cliff Crochet shares his fishing tips on how to fish a spinnerbait in the first episode of Workshop Wednesday, presented by Whitetail Smokeless. This concludes the article on how to fish a spinnerbait. This Bass Fishing tip is all about How to Fish a Colorado Bladed Spinnerbait. After the cast, start the retrieve slowly, gradually going towards a moderate speed. Finally, the best place to work a spinnerbait for bass fishing is in shallow water. Pass it through the eye of the hook twice, making a small loop in the process. Where to Focus Your Spinnerbait Fishing in Dirty Water By Jason Sealock • Mar 30, 2020 Muddy water scares off a lot of anglers when fishing for bass in the spring. Keep it simple. 3 or 4 Willo… … The most important factor in doing this is to use the reel not the rod. It will look as if it jumps underwater and will add to its flashy nature. Go with a clear shad type color, a brighter chartreuse and white combination and maybe a black spinnerbait for night fishing and really muddy water. Have you caught your fair share of Big Bass using spinner baits? Lubricate the line by wetting it, then pull to tighten. That's a top ten tips thrown in with a couple of little secrets, especially about this little They usually should be fished at a slow to medium retrieve. The Googan Squad Zinger is here! Below is a list of my favorite baits and tackle for fishing them with links on where to buy specific ones. One of the theories behind this is that the blades mimic smaller fish being chased by the larger fish (head, skirt, and hook), ultimately prompting the the bass (or other species) to strike quickly. The spinnerbait itself is the determining factor of a hook or bait trailer. Sidearm casts are favored over overhand casts here. The two most noteworthy ways to do this are making contact with cover, and quickly varying the retrieve speed. This Bass Fishing tip is all about How to Fish a Colorado Bladed Spinnerbait. This erratic action causes the bass to instinctively lash out at it. Do not be fearful of hanging up in the cover, spinnerbaits tend to be very weedless. Here is a link for the best specific spinnerbaits within each type of category. The best technique for getting a reaction strike is to bring the spinnerbait in contact with cover. The coolest thing about a spinnerbait is how it grabs a bass’s attention, and how versatile it is to fish at a variety of different depths. Make a “bight” (fold the line together making a loop). 5 willow blade is as large as he'll go for his back blade. Also, windy days and muddy water are killer days to fish these bass fishing lures. There is, however, a time and place for a specific type of trailer. Step1: Choose a Spinnerbait Selecting the right spinnerbait for your style of fishing is a critical first step. In-depth fishing info, tips and techniques. A spinnerbait, made up of a heavy head, a skirt, and attractive blades, is specifically designed to emulate the behavior of injured prey. So you're forced to fish slow in order to keep the bait down. Colorado spinnerbaits have large, heavy spinners, which produce vibrations that fish can feel for some distance around the bait. Fish a spinnerbait along the sides of the laydown starting on the shady side if there is one. If you are wanting a lot of vibration like in low light conditions or muddy water conditions you will want a … With squarebills, swim jigs, spinnerbaits and chatterbaits, mine is never a simple heave and retrieve approach. However, you will catch more fish and can catch giant bass by knowing the intricacies behind getting the most out fishing a spinnerbait. One of the spinnerbait techniques you can use around submerged timber is to fish it just like a jig. High sky and sunny days are typically not productive when fishing with spinnerbaits. For other info about other kinds of lures, you can always check out. The beauty of these bigger blades is that they'll make the bait ride high in the water column if you don't slow down. Spinnerbaits work best as a "contact lure", one that is bumped against structure. The muddier the water the more contrast and color you want to help the bass be able to hone in on it. While this very basic approach can catch fish. 2 or No 2 1/2 colorado blade or a No. We’ll cover how to rig and tie a spinnerbait to ensure it won’t break free, you’ll have less trouble with tangles, and you’ll be able to catch bigger fish! Do you find spinner baits an effective go-to lure? The best days to fish spinnerbaits for bass are ones that are cloudy. Again, don’t forget to fish with a smile! Never let the spinnerbait sink out of sight. Tip number 1 involves understanding how a spinnerbait works. Fish a Colorado spinnerbait if you’ll be in murky or dark water. On a standard retrieve the blades spin and the wire vibrates, which causes the individual strands of the skirt to wiggle a little bit. In contrast, if it is shorter, then there is no need for a hook and a soft plastic will do best. Doing this will cause the bait to act erratically. Before we go ahead and cast out, we first should see to it we know at least the basics. In my opinion the most versatile and effective spinnerbait it the Strike King Tour Grade (Double Willow) ½ ounce. However, you will catch more fish and can catch giant bass by knowing the intricacies behind getting the most out fishing a spinnerbait. Beginners and Veterans alike always appreciate what a spinnerbait has to offer, and you’ll soon find out why. One of the most versatile bass baits of all time, spinnerbaits can be fished deep, shallow, and everywhere in between. We recommend using this knot for your spinnerbait. The spinnerbait is one of the best moving bass catching baits out there. Vibration The fish pick up the vibration the fish feed for picking up vibration from this Colorado blades by the lateral lines. Use 14 pound test line or better on a baitcasting reel and medium action rod. Retrieve your spinnerbait at a moderate speed down the sides of the laydown making sure to bump limbs. The clearer the water, the less you want the fish to see of the bait and fish it fast. Even if the water is crystal clear, a spinnerbait will produce like nothing else whenever it is fished appropriately. Criss-cross points every which way before moving on. For any questions, comments, etc. The secret of the spinnerbait relies on its components. It ensures great accuracy and is less likely to get snagged in trees and other obstacles. When fish are deep, these excel because they do not cause your spinnerbait to lift when retrieved. First let's talk about the right setup for fishing spinnerbaits. And a perfect lure when you’re still trying to learn how to fish. The basics of how to fish spinnerbait, or more importantly getting the most out of one, are understanding what it does. The hook will greatly reduce the baits ability to come through cover without hanging up. Then taking advantage of what is does to become more efficient. However, most will not commit to this basic technique. He then either pairs it with a No. Here’s another way to start strong and even up your game with a few easy fishing tips! It is the goal of FISHNATICS that you become better at bass fishing. A basic spinnerbait is mostly composed of the following parts: For more information about spinnerbait parts, you can check out the link below: Pass the loop through the hook and down towards your overhand knot. When to Fish a Spinnerbait Over the Others Aside from off colored water, spinnerbaits are the top choice on sunny days whenever there is some chop on the water. There are lots of different types of spinnerbait blades, but … is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to After the lure enters the water, give it a little "pop" to get the blades moving. It makes the skirt pulsate and causes the blades and vibration to abruptly increase, then slow down. As soon as you hit something, stop reeling and pull the spinnerbait by moving the rod up – … The chances of snagging a lure are greater, but so are the chances of catching fish. Getting those that won’t, usually, requires using techniques that will elicit a reaction strike. Pass the bight right through the eye of your hook. Till next time, bye2! There isn’t so much a time or place for either. Colorado spinnerbaits have large, heavy spinners, which produce vibrations that fish can feel for some distance around the bait. Wet again for lubrication, and pull to tighten. Carp Fishing Bait – How To Make Your Own Boilies (Update 2020), The Different Methods On How To Bait Shrimp (Update 2020), The Best Lake Trout Lures That You Should Have (Update 2020), Simple But Effective Ways How To Bait A Minnow (Update 2020), The Useful Procedure On How To Keep Your Nightcrawlers Alive (Update 2020), 3 Do-It-Yourself Catfish Bait Recipes (Update 2020). How to Use Spinnerbaits: Use Erratic Movements When Slow Rolling a Spinnerbait Usually when I’m fishing a moving bait under the surface of the water, I’m adding some sort of erratic movement to the bait by twitching my rod. When reeling the spinnerbait back turn the reel handle quickly two or three times. Therefore it becomes critical to have the right bait in cover. These spinners are ideal for fishing in murky water with low visibility or in deep water. Don’t forget to like and share! Enjoy and read on, my fellow fisher friend! You can brush up on some info about the different kinds of spinnerbaits if you like. This usually causes bass to short strike the lure, essentially they are hitting the rear blade. Get Close, Bump, and Roll The shallow-cover places where most anglers successfully use a spinnerbait necessitate getting the lure as close to the particular object as possible. This should be done every five to ten feet or whenever the spinnerbait is in first third of a spot the bass should be in. These are not complex and are quite simple to achieve, so lets dive in and get fanatical about bass fishing! The size of the spinnerbait blade you should use will depend on a few different factors: How fast you are wanting to fish it, and how much vibration you want the spinner bait to put out. The basic concept of how to fish a spinnerbait is rather simple, just cast it out and retrieve it back. First, the entire tool is held together with a bent wire, which is usually between 45 and 90 degrees. A spinnerbait with willow-leaf blades can run a lot faster, and much deeper. On longer armed spinnerbaits, the need for a trailer hook is due to most of the bottom blade being below the hook. But there's more to it than just casting and retrieving. The additional fish that come with a perfectly straight buzzed spinnerbait far outweigh the few missed from no trailer hook. A heavy, worm-type rod often causes you to overreact when a strike occurs pulling the lure from the mouth of the bass. This instinctive bite is, is what is meant by a reaction strike. For more articles on spinnerbaits click here. One should always know how to use fishing knots and rigs! We’ll provide some easy tips for you to quickly understand and have a go at how to fish a spinnerbait, every tip has a little info to help you out as well! If you are having some trouble with getting bites, or are only beginning to learn the ways of an angler - then it’s time we use the quite basic, but arguably one of the most natural, most reliable and most widely used baits. Doing this causes the blade(s) to flutter and skirt to flare or pulsate. Bolton opts for a 3/4-ounce spinnerbait about 90 percent of the time and the other 10 percent he'll go a bit heavier with a 1-ounce spinnerbait, usually opting for the heavier bait in severe wind. Please remember to stay safe while on the water and have fun. [1] X Research source Also use Colorado spinners if you’re fishing at night. Here’s some Make sure all the parts are working properly and that all are accounted for before you go out and cast. It’s a lure every angler must have in the tackle box. Basically, you want to just barely feel the blades turning. Let’s learn how to fish a spinnerbait! How Does a Spinnerbait Work? Sorry I couldn’t resist. Occasionally, you'll have to fish a spinnerbait out of sight right along the bottom like this, in intermediate or greater depths. Hopefully the tips and techniques will do just that, while helping you become more efficient with spinnerbaits. If not, the seemingly endless hangups and short strikes will make you never want to fish a spinnerbait again. Making the lure bounce off, roll over the top of, or rip out of the cover is important in bass fishing. Keep the rod low, and rotate it to the side to gain momentum on the weight of your lure. When the water is hovering around the 50-degree mark, you want to fish a spinnerbait very slowly. The other time to forgo a trailer hook is whenever fishing in cover. I love to fish, and I love to write! Pass the end through the loop you made in step 2. Did our quick and easy tips help you out? Fish a single blade bait on points with stair-steps down to 18-20 feet deep. ​The Palomar knot is very basic and probably is the most efficient knot to use on almost any bait. 1. How to Fish a Spinnerbait Spinnerbait fishing can be as simple as casting along cover or a drop off and simply retrieving, varying the speed of the spinnerbait can be one of the best tactics to utilize. Of course where you are in the country, and the type of lake you are fishing, makes a big difference, but there are consistencies no matter where you fish. Three Easy Tips On How To Fish A Spinnerbait, Tip #2 – Use The Right Fishing Knot / Attaching To Your Line, Tip #3 – Master The Right Cast And Retrieve, Three Easy Tips On How To Fish A Spinnerbait (Update 2020), Measure the line you’ll use for the tie. One of the reasons why spinner baits are so popular is because of its innovative design. Give it small “pop” by stopping abruptly then retrieving it fast, then back to a moderate speed. If however, most of the bottom blade is above the main hook, then a trailer is not necessary. Always fish the spinnerbai… Going too fast will not give enough time for the fish to bite and threaten them, going too slow will make it less natural and less enticing.