Rare pure strain Moscow Blue Guppies for sale: SOLD OUT ❤️ Beautiful dark blue Moscow juveniles guppies are now available for sale. Home / Aquarium Shop / Freshwater … Price. Plants; Moss; Tissue Cultures in Australia; Fish Tanks; BUY-BACK; #NTADELIVERS; WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR TODAY? Guppies stay small, usually under 2 or 2.5″ in length and will add interest and color to the small community aquarium. I have more than 40 pairs for sale These guppies are 3 Months old young adults.. … Search for: Search. Our Guppies are packed carefully and delivered direct to you with a 100% live fish guarantee. Pictures. More pics available Moscow blue trios $20 Albino bristlenose $7 each I have 15 left including Japanese endlers, German neon guppies, red dragon fantail guppies and some other generic ones. Call Us 812-272-8668. Add it to the Wishlist – Facebook. Price is more than fair since pet shops don’t sell them and they are pretty rare. The Blue Moscow Guppy (Poecilia reticulata var. Assorted guppies for sale . $15 for a single adult male or female. Massive clearance sale: Green Moscow and Dumbo Guppies. Home; Australian Blackworms ; Guppys; Invertebrates. $ 2.79. Genuine inquiries only. Dumbo Fire-Tail. Watch; S p 5 U o n s A I o 3 r e I d Y 2 Z G. 1 TRIO - NEW STRAIN - Live Guppy Fish High Quality - RED DRAGON RIBBON DUMBO. Registration; Account; Out of Stock? Click here for information and advice about how to keep and care for Fancy Guppies. "Creating Dream Fish Rooms" Log In. Available guppies include: Lyretail; Lace; Mosaic; Endler; Cobra; Lazor; Moscow; Dragon; Panda; Bumblebee; Albino; The male guppy most often displays the beautiful, fan-like fins and iridescent colors. We are pleased to now offer male/female pairs of this fish so that you can start your own little colony if you wish. 0. Scientific Name Poecilia reticulata Comments You can order any number of males and any number of females. Colour varieties of guppies seem endless. Buy It Now +$15.00 shipping. Fish tank aquarium, Emerald green/blue fan tail Moscow Guppies! Click here for more information about ordering from us. Our Guppies are packed carefully and delivered direct to you with a 100% live fish guarantee. Buy live online Guppy Fish now available at PetWave, the majority of which are sourced from superior Australian facilities. Most Guppy females are gray or tan. Guppies are a hardy fish they are good for aquarium communities. View cart for details. Go. Find fancy guppy fish on sale at LiveAquaria.com. Quick View. $19.00. Females are pregnant and can give birth to up to several dozen babies. Quick View. We acquire quality breeders … or Best Offer +$19.99 shipping. 7 guppies for $10; 18 guppies for $20; 30 guppies for $27 or 50 guppies for $45. Mixed established plants Our tanks are up to a high standard and are cleaned and maintained regularly. Sep 28, 2020 - Explore Carole Schueneman's board "Guppies", followed by 110 people on Pinterest. We breed some of the highest quality guppies in the world at Prestige Aquatics. All animals and their situations are unique so please independently verify PetWave care before putting any advice into practice. "El Tigre"), Male - Tank-Bred! Buy It … ABN: 46619381074, Australian Native Fish | New Guinea Natives | Rainbows, Assorted Guppy Fish Male | Poecilia reticulata | L, Assorted Guppy Fish Female | Poecilia reticulata, Assorted Cobra Guppy Fish Male | Poecilia reticula, Assorted Female Endlers | Guppies | Poecilia Winge, Assorted Ribbon Guppy Fish Male | Poecilia reticul, Black Guppy Fish Male | Poecilia reticulata | Aqua, German Yellow Guppy Fish Male | Poecilia reticulat, Micrariff Sunset Guppy Fish Male | Poecilia reticu, Panda Guppy Fish Male | Poecilia reticulata | Aqua, Red Blonde Guppy Fish Male | Poecilia reticulata |, Red Dragon Tail Guppy Fish Male | Poecilia reticul, Assorted Male Endlers | Guppies | Poecilia Wingei, Blue Neon Guppy Fish Male | Poecilia reticulata |, Male Elephant Ear Guppy | Guppies | Poecilia Retic, Assorted Mosaic Tail Guppy Fish Male | Poecilia re, Calico Lyretail Guppy | Guppies | Poecilia Reticul, Green Cobra Guppy Fish Male | Poecilia reticulata, Male Blue Cobra Guppy | Guppies | Poecilia Reticul, Male Bumble Bee Guppy | Guppies | Poecilia Reticul, Moscow White Guppy | Guppies | Poecilia Reticulata, Pink Tuxedo Guppy Fish Male | Poecilia reticulata, Purple Queen Guppy Fish Male | Poecilia reticulata, Red Cobra Guppy Fish Male | Poecilia reticulata |, Yellow Cobra Guppy Fish Male | Poecilia reticulata. SALE! Albino Full Red Guppy Fish 1 Pair Grade A Male and Female RM60, for Male only RM15/guppy with minimum order 5 guppies. Blue Moscow. PetWave caresheets are general guides. Killifish for sale; Shrimps; Snails; My account. SKU. They are extremely colourful, and highly active. 5 watchers. Just phone us, or fax us, or send us an email and describe the Guppies you'd … Assorted Endler's Livebearer (Poecilia wingei), USA BRED! Find here details of companies selling Guppy Fish, for your purchase requirements. Thanks . Premium Male Guppies for Sale This page lists the Fancy Male Guppies for sale at our online store.. Click here for more information about ordering from us. Over $40.00 - apply Price filter. Contact. I only have three so it’s best to buy all 3. Emerald green/blue Moscow guppies $40 trio FFM Negotiable on larger quantaties . Golden Endler’s Livebearer (Poecilia wingei), Tank-Bred! or 3 for $20 or 5 for $30 Common bristlenose $5 each Picture also shows parents ( Not for sale), 10 each or 3 for 20 excellent bloodline I've owned the male for about 10 years now he has heaps of personality and very aggressive the parents are not for sale I also have tiger endler guppy fry & crossbreed Moscow guppies, Summer special!! Watch; Purple Green Moscow Delta Guppy- 2 MALES, USA born and raised, 2-3 months old. Sort by. $40.00. Ready for breeding. South Australia; Victoria; Western Australia; Price. Minimum Price. Guppies are a small livebearing fish, immensely popular as tropical aquarium fish - particularly for community aquaria and for beginners. Parents imported from Indonesia and I have been … Also Blue Moscow and Red Cherry Shrimp, Mystery Snails, Platy .Please bring your own container. Rare Platinum Dumbo Red Tail guppy fish PAIR- USA bred, 2-3 months. Beautiful guppies don't just happen. Beautiful pure breed Purple Moscow guppies in different sizes from 3 Located in Warwick, 1265622329 Registration; Account; Out of Stock? Save up to 5% when you buy more. Set Descending Direction. Youtube $ 0.00 Cart. STAY CONNECTED. Parents imported from Indonesia and I have been carefully filtered two generations at my aquarium. Save up to 5% when you buy more. Barramundi about 13 or 14 inches long great fish $80 prices set. … Visit us online today! I have 3 emerald Moscow guppies for sale, 1 female and 2 males. 5 watchers. Guppies for Sale Click here to shop online for more Male Guppies. Home. Mystery Snails; Shrimps; Bettas; Apistogramma; Aquascaping. Black Moscow Get a large female guppy free with every male you buy. That's the number one … … TRIO PURPLE MOSCOW GUPPY TAIL COLOR VARIES. Shop. $30 for a trio of young adults (2 female, 1 male) $6 Each for juvies. Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. Because of the high cost for labour in Australia, we are not able to competitively develop new colour morphs. More. Twitter. RREA Blue Topaz. Fancy-Guppies.com Fancy-Guppies.com Fancy-Guppies.com Fancy-Guppies.com. This beautiful guppy displays bright blue coloration with elegant, long tails in males and is sure to be a standout in any aquarium! Female $10 Guppy for Sale Guppy fish for retailer, wholesale, reasonable price & good quality. Sign In; Create Account; My Account; Signed in as: filler@godaddy.com. Healty Purple Moscow guppies from $3 Buy It Now +$18.05 shipping. Guppies mature within 10-20 weeks and can live up to 4 years, in that time females can have many broods of fry. Home ; Freshwater ; Guppies; Guppies. Home; Aquarium Basics. Buy It Now +$25.00 shipping. Prices 3511 Bargain Male Fancy Guppies in Assorted Colors Pictures: click on each picture to see a bigger picture. SALE. All fish sold have been selectively bred to produce top quality offspring! Social. Located in Warwick, UPDATED 20/01!!!! Here are more Fancy Male Guppies like the ones we have for sale. View as Grid List. BE OUR FRIEND. Filter. New! Australia Wide Copyright © 2007-2021 Marktplaats B.V. All Rights Reserved. Quick View. SALE SALE SALE SALE Currently have a large amount of pure strain guppies and endlers that need to go :) Black/Blue Moscow - $25 a pair Emerald Green Moscow - $40 a pair Cardinal Endler - $40 a pair Japan Blue Double Swords - $15 a pair BUY TWO PAIRS AND GET $10 OFF YOUR THIRD :) All Can be posted express for $20 to your door :) :) :) 30/01/2017 cardinal endler tank . Emerald Green Moscow Guppies and Dumbo Ear Red Mosaic Guppies Pure strain. Please note I will not respond to orders by email - TEXT ORDERS ONLY **Prices are firm -No offers please** Pairs and trios only for sale Located in Warwick, Beautiful pure breed Purple Moscow guppies in different sizes from $3 Add some dazzling Sunset / Mickey Mouse Platy fish, beautiful luminous Blue Moscow Guppies, or brilliant red cherry shrimp to brighten up your tropical tank. TRIO PURPLE MOSCOW GUPPY TAIL COLOR VARIES. Something went wrong. Babies do sell for a bit so it would be good to breed them. Commercial Sales, Leasing & Property Mgmt, Residential Leasing & Property Management. 2 pairs for $50 $40 trio Lifespan in the wild differs from that of a live tank, but depending on the dynamics of the aquarium guppies can live slightly longer than in the wild.With a well planned out aquarium that has plenty of rocks aka: Common Guppy, Fancy Guppy, Guppies, Millionfish, Mosquito fish, & Rainbow fish Guppies are a hardy, colorful, livebearing fish that will add excitement and brilliance to any community aquarium! Price Type. $30.00 to $40.00 - apply Price filter. Purple Green Moscow Delta … Watch; A S p o n s 5 o N r B e S 7 1 d Q K 9 J. Skip to navigation Skip to content. Female Guppies for Sale A Female Guppy, like the one just above, offered for sale on this page is pregnant.